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I absolutely recommend having a Reiki session with Laureen! My mind felt refreshed and awake, and I got better at understanding myself and how I can improve my overall quality of life while lowering my stress levels.

Laureen explained everything that I felt during the session (I felt warmth, sometimes very intensely, almost heat) and right before our session, Laureen took the time to tell me about Reiki practice in general, what other people felt, how it works, and what I should expect.

Laureen is a very caring and attentive person, so you will be very comfortable with her, whether it's your first time and you want to get a taste of what Reiki is, or if you are a long time Reiki practitioner and patient.

I highly recommend Laureen if you want to know more about yourself, your possible body and mind blocks; if you want to not only lower your stress level and to relax, but to know some of the possible reasons for your conditions and how to avoid them.

Olga V.


I had a series of Reiki treatments with Laureen and was amazed at the results.  Initially seeking help for sleep and stress reduction, I found that the treatments had multiple other benefits besides.  Weekly sessions were deeply relaxing, a feeling that extended well beyond the treatment itself, and improved my sleep patterns and stress.  An added bonus was that the treatments also addressed a number of other complaints, including a sore back and a skin rash.  I would recommend Fair Winds Reiki to anyone seeking a relaxing and therapeutic alternative treatment style.

Andy B.


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